A Vocational Education & Training program
for industry professionals.

For a blockchain project to happen within an organization, many of its departments would be involved: these players need to have a handle on what the technology can do. Adoption requires more than training developers. So our outreach should also include technical education for an audience of mixed technical abilities.

LEVEL 1 // Educational Offer

We offer free, 'vertical' workshops to communities of same professionals wanting to learn what Ethereum and smart contracts can do for them. In these workshops, we explain how Ethereum’s technology can be used in their industry, introduce them to some Ethereum based projects relevant for their field, get them to explore DApps or sample smart contracts, and discuss potential projects that they could undertake.

LEVEL 2 // Follow-up Offer

The followup program is designed to help mentor our alumni, so that they can bring some Ethereum project to fruition. We have a regularly scheduled calls with our alumni with presentations of new topics to help them organize their own starter projects & proof of concept projects. We also help find mentoring sessions with buidlers of the ETH ecosystem.

Ethereum4 is coordinated by Rob Stupay and Matteo Tambussi.

We have given workshops to classes of professionals working for: Amnesty International, BRAC, CBMItalia, CIFA onlus, Milan Digital Week, Music Innovation Hub Milan, SIAE, Music Tech Europe Germany, Legal Hackers, UN, Intersystems Data Management.